Matrix ringbinders

Matrix ringbinders made of opaque polypropylene with a high thickness cover and a modern distinctive layout thanks to the special perforated cover. Window on the cover with pocket in the 2nd quadrant containing a customizable card. Pocket in the 3rd quadrant to contain sheets and flying documents. Available in 5 trendy colors: black, beige, teal blue, purple red and grey.

40011381127x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Customizable
40010177427x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Customizable
40010177627x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Customizable
40010177527x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Customizable
40010177327x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Customizable
40010176927x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm 10Customizable

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