Favorit S.p.A.

Favorit S.p.A. is the Italian branch of the Hamelin Group, European leader in the production and distribution of items for school and office.

Founded in 1966, it revolutionized the Italian archive market thanks to the introduction of polypropylene.

With a modern production site in Tito (PZ) and a sales office in Sesto San Giovanni (MI), over the years the company has become a point of reference among manufacturers of lightweight plastic products signed “Made in Italy” and a symbol of innovation and attention to the environment.


Favorit has been increasingly strengthened over the years through the acquisition of the Tito production site and its entry into the Hamelin group, which has allowed the introduction of important European brands on the Italian market.



Favorit is founded in Milan



Realization of the first folder in PP
in PP



Acquisition of the productive plant
in Potenza



Incorporation of Favorit into the Hamelin
Group. Hamelin S.p.A.



Opening of the new production facility
in Tito (PZ) with total transfer of the production



Start of distribution of the Elba, Unilux and Oxford brands



Switching to the SAP system



Return to the previous company name Favorit S.p.A.



Hamelin Group triple ISO certification



New offices of the Milan administrative office in Sesto San Giovanni



Launch of the Oxford – Favorit Neon spiral notebook line exclusively for the Italian market



Launch of the Oxford – Favorit Neon spiral notebook line exclusively for the Italian market


“Excellence is doing something common in an uncommon way.
This is why people motivated to manufacture excellent products will allow a company to last over time

(C.Piccinno – General Manager Favorit S.p.A.)


The production site of Tito (PZ) is an ultra-modern plant, certified and able to meet the needs of the Italian market and beyond, with a zero-emission production cycle and zero waste, in line with our environmental philosophy.

The production is diversified to meet all the needs of the school and the office: pockets and folders, display books, ringbinders, 3 flaps folders and Unico lever arch files.

In particular, for younger students, exercise book covers and book covers rolls. Our products provide support to schoolchildren, students and professionals in their studies, projects and in everyday life.


A product for every need, an added value for every solution, anticipating the needs of customers. This is Favorit mission, which has always been the reference brand for polypropylene products for archiving, protection and presentation.

Favorit Made in ItalyMade in Italy

Made in Italy is the central value of the brand, alongside style, creativity and design.

Favorit QualitàQuality

FAVORIT has always been synonymous of quality, continuous research and development.

I Love Nature

FAVORIT has always paid particular attention to the environment and the sustainability of its products.

Favorit 50 anniOver 50 years

Favorit is an historic Italian brand with over 50 years of market presence!

Favorit polipropilenePolypropylene

FAVORIT was the first company in Italy to realize the potential of the diffusion of polypropylene on the market.

Favorit RispettoRespect and safety

One of the values that the brand represents is the respect for its employees and safety in the workplace.