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Special 500 universal punched pockets pack, reusable as a storage container. Punched pocket are made of anti-reflective orange peel finish or smooth finish polypropylene. High thickness for maximum protection and intensive use; medium thickness with excellent resistance; basic thickness for greater storage capacity.

CodeColourPackageFinishExternal Size (cm)Internal sizeBoxThickness (typology)
400065614 Transparent 500 Orange Peel 27x35x8,5 22x30 1 Air - Base
400052718 Transparent 500 Orange Peel 27x35x10,5 22x30 1 Linear - Medio
100460060 Transparent 500 Orange Peel 27x35x13,5 22x30 1 Superior - Alto
400065611 Transparent 500 Smooth 27x35x8,5 22x30 1 Air - Base
400052719 Transparent 500 Smooth 27x35x10,5 22x30 1 Linear - Medio
100460059 Transparent 500 Smooth 27x35x12 22x30 1 Superior - Alto

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