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Made of polypropylene with a 2.2 mm cardboard core. High stability thanks to the Rado closure system. Internal lever mechanism with press stop. Label holder on the back with customizable label and oval eyelet allowing an easy removal. Metal reinforcement at the base.

CodeInternal sizeExternal Size (cm)MoreColourBoxSpine (cm)
100460482 23x33 28x34x5 Customizable Light Blue 20 5
100460483 23x33 28x34x5 Customizable Blue 20 5
100460484 23x33 28x34x8 Customizable Black 20 8
100460486 23x33 28x34x8 Customizable Yellow 20 8
100460487 23x33 28x34x8 Customizable Red 20 8
100460488 23x33 28x34x8 Customizable Green 20 8
100460489 23x33 28x34x8 Customizable Light Blue 20 8
100460490 23x33 28x34x8 Customizable Blue 20 8

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