Europa Ringbinders

Polypropylene with cardboard core ringbinders. Durable for intensive daily use at home, in the office or at school. Wide range of formats and colours to meet a variety of storage needs. Metallic colours and ‘Europa’ textures for those who love elegance.

40005092727x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115227x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115827x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115927x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115327x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115627x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115027x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005100027x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115427x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005111627x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115727x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115527x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005115127x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005111927x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005111827x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40005103927x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10
40012800427x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm 10
10046043127x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm 24
10046044028x3222x304 (Round) ø 40mm20
10046044128x3222x304 (Round) ø 40mm20
10046043929,5x3222x304 (Round) ø 40mm20
10046044229,5x3222x304 (Round) ø 50mm12
10046044329,5x3222x304 (Round) ø 50mm12
10046044429,5x3222x304 (Round) ø 50mm12
10046044529,5x3222x304 (Round) ø 50mm12
10046044629,5x3222x304 (Round) ø 50mm12
10046047629,5x3222x304 (Squared) H 65mm10
10046053229,5x3222x304 (D) H 50mm12
10046053329,5x3222x304 (D) H 50mm12
10046053629,5x3222x304 (D) H 50mm12
10046040318,5x22,515x214 (Round) ø 25mm20
10046040418,5x22,515x214 (Round) ø 25mm20
10046040718,5x22,515x214 (Round) ø 25mm20
10046040818,5x22,515x214 (Round) ø 25mm 20
10046040918,5x22,515x214 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046041323x2718x244 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046045028x35,523x334 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046045231,5x3625x354 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046039218,5x22,515x212 (Round) ø 25mm20
10046039528x3222x302 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046039628x3222x302 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046039728x3222x302 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046039828x3222x302 (Round) ø 30mm20
10046040028x3222x302 (Round) ø 40mm20
10046040228x3222x302 (Round) ø 50mm12

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