Neon ringbinders

Neon ringbinders made of cardboard with embossed or touch-effect printed paper and fluorescent colours with matching interior. Made of opaque polypropylene with fluorescent colours and flexible cover. Available in 4 fluo colours: fuchsia, yellow, orange and green.

40005089927x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Embossed cardboard
40005271427x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Embossed cardboard
40005271527x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Embossed cardboard
40005271627x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Embossed cardboard
40005271727x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm 24Embossed cardboard
40011266127x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm 10Touch cover
40010231127x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Polypropylene
40010231327x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Polypropylene
40010229927x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Polypropylene
40010231527x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm10Polypropylene
40009036927x3222x304 (Round) ø 30mm 10Polypropylene
40010231026x3222x304 (Round) ø 15mm20Polypropylene
40010231226x3222x304 (Round) ø 15mm20Polypropylene
40010229826x3222x304 (Round) ø 15mm20Polypropylene
40010231426x3222x304 (Round) ø 15mm20Polypropylene
40006684726x3222x304 (Round) ø 15mm 20Polypropylene

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