Hanging File Folders For Cabinet

Hanging file folders for cabinet made of cardboard or polypropylene to classify documents inside the cabinet.

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  • Cardboard Hanging File Folders for Cabinet

    Ultimate hanging file folders for cabinet made of 240 g/m² kraft cardboard. 100% pure virgin paper with cotton fibres. Innovative continuous linking system with ultra-strong press studs. Harmonic steel bars with plastic-coated hooks for easy sliding. Defi folders made of 220 g/m² 100% recycled kraft cardboard. Black impact-resistant polystyrene suspension bars with continuous interlocking system. U-bottom with reinforced base. Both have lenticular label holders on the short side for easy reading.

  • Polypropylene Hanging File Folders for Cabinet

    Polypro Design hanging file folders for cabinet, made of 4 colours transparent polypropylene with alternating satin and gloss finishes. Washable. Maximum resistance. Reinforced mounting system and snap fastener connection. Harmonic steel bars. Lenticular label holder on the short side.


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