Pen Pouches

Versatile, colourful, fancy pen pouches available in different sizes and graphics to suit any age group. With excellent craftsmanship and finish, they contain the best products on the market. Usefulness, quality, and creativity!

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  • S3 XL Oval Pen Pouches

    XL oval silver-coloured zipped pen pouches filled with all necessary school supplies: 12 Giotto Laccato crayons, 18 Giotto Turbo Color markers, 1 Fila Tratto Uno Green pen, 1 Lyra Studium Wood Free pencil, 1 ruler, 1 pair of scissors.

  • EF15 Big Oval Pen Pouches

    Large oval silver-coloured zipped pen pouches, better organisation area and zipped inner pocket.

  • Koala Pastel Pen Pouches

    PVC pen pouches in 5 pastel colours with matching zip. They feature a matching elastic band to cling them to a notebook.

  • EF9 Solid Colour Pen Pouches

    Silver-coloured zipped pen pouches available in 3 sizes.

  • EF10 Print Pen Pouches

    Silver-coloured zipped pen pouches, available in 3 sizes.

  • EF16 2 Zip Pen Pouches

    Large pen pouches with double compartment and silver-coloured zip.

  • EF20 Glossy Pen Pouches

    Glossy silver-coloured zipped pen pouches, available in 2 sizes.

  • F14 Small Pen Pouches

    Small silver-coloured zipped pen pouches, available in 2 sizes.


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